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SKU: MMW1-24X24X0.25
Categories: Cuming Microwave
Product Type: Engineered Materials
Vendor: Cuming Microwave

Cuming Microwave offers various materials that provide excellent absorption at frequencies from 18 GHz to 110 GHz.   The C-RAM MMW absorbers include plastic foam sheet and elastomeric-based materials that have been characterized for peak performance across a wide range of frequencies. 

C-RAM MMW ha proven to be ideal for side lobe suppression of communication antennas, used to separate adjacent antennas, shield or isolate equipment and Anechoic chamber applications.   

The reflectivity of C-RAM MMW varies as a function of thickness and frequency.  Standard sheet size is 24”x24” for foam and 12”x12” for elastomer in thicknesses shown in the chart below.  Non-standard thickness and sizes are available on special order.