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SKU: FAC1.5-24X24/BL
Categories: Cuming Microwave
Product Type: Freespace
Vendor: Cuming Microwave

C-RAM FAC is a series of high performance broad banded microwave absorbers, made from light weight, flexible urethane foam treated with a dielectric lossy material. C-RAM FAC is fire retardant and meets NRL 8093.

C-RAM FAC is a convoluted product; the front face is rippled or convoluted like an egg carton. These convolutions provide an impedance taper, which is very effective in minimizing front face reflections, especially at higher frequencies. C-RAM FAC is the workhorse of the industry for frequency ranges of 15 GHz and above. For premium performance at lower frequencies the SFC product line is recommended.

C-RAM FAC is frequently used to line anechoic chambers used for high frequency measurements, and has many applications involving suppression of unwanted RF and radar reflections.