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SKU: RGDS124-010/NA
Categories: Cuming Microwave
Product Type: Engineered Materials
Vendor: Cuming Microwave

C-RAM RGD-S is a filled silicone rubber sheet material with a high magnetic loss. It is available in three grades: -117, -124, and -192. The -192 grade has the highest loading and highest loss. 

C-RAM RGD-S is used for terminations, loads, and attenuators in waveguides, coaxial lines, and microstrip circuits. It can also be used for lowering the Q of cavities and eliminating unwanted resonances. 

C-RAM RGD-S is cut readily with a sharp knife,  and can be sawed, die cut, waterjet cut, or otherwise machined to complex shapes. Since it is ferromagnetic, it is easily held in place during machining with magnetic chucks. It is flexible and can be bonded to contoured surfaces.  Because it is flexible,

C-RAM RGD-S can withstand temperature cycling when bonded to metals. The material has good thermal conductivity and can be used to dissipate heat, including that generated by its own magnetic loss mechanism.