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SKU: ARHP-.375X24X24
Categories: Cuming Microwave
Product Type: Engineered Materials
Vendor: Cuming Microwave

C-RAM AR is a line of reticulated foam Radar Absorbing sheet materials, comprised of urethane foam and a gradient lossy coating. C-RAM AR absorbs microwave energy across a wide range of frequencies. Typically the thicker the material the lower in frequency C-RAM AR will attenuate.

C-RAM AR has proven to be ideal for lining shrouds of communications antennas for the suppression of sidelobes. It can also be used to cover fences to separate adjacent antennas and shield or isolate equipment. The open-cell structure permits airflow freely through the absorber. When used outdoors, rain will also freely drain from the product. Cuming Microwave offers two types of C-RAM AR: our standard performance AR and high performance AR.

C-RAM AR SELECTION Typically the standard performance AR is suitable for most antenna shroud applications, and high performance AR is suited for applications where maximum attenuation is desired, such as RCS reduction, chamber fences, Radomes, electronic enclosures and foam through applications. If standard performance AR is suitable it will cost less than high performance AR. Reticulated foam absorbers in general are the lowest cost absorbers, including high performance AR. AR can also be supplied as an insertion loss material. On specialty applications AR has been purchased up to 3.0” thick. Consult the factory if a required thickness is not listed.