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SKU: GDX030-12X12
Categories: Cuming Microwave
Product Type: Engineered Materials
Vendor: Cuming Microwave

C-RAM GDX is a thin, magnetically filled rubber sheet stock which has high loss at microwave frequencies from 1 to 35 GHz. It is applied to metal surfaces to attenuate RF surface currents. It can be used to modify antenna patterns, lower the Q of a cavity, act as a transmission line attenuator, and modify the radar cross section of targets. 

C-RAM GDX is thin and elastomeric, so it will conform to curvatures of the substrate. It is not electrically conductive, and has high dielectric strength. It is a soft material and is readily diecut or cut with a razor. Being based on a silicone rubber, it will withstand wide temperature ranges, and survive outdoor exposure. 

C-RAM GDX has a high magnetic loss tangent from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. Thicker grades are required to attenuate at lower frequencies to obtain the same performance as a thinner grade at higher frequencies.