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SKU: DSS5301
Product Type: Heater Blankets
Vendor: PPG - Transparencies

It is recommended to use heating blankets that covers the area of window after surface seal application. When applied for recommended 8 hours after surface seal application, it will enhance service life of the rain repellant coating.

Mylar bags are recommended when using heating blankets to prevent scratches on the window surfaces.

This heater blanket is designed for the following aircrafts:

PPG P/N Aircraft
BAC 293/294 Boeing 757,767,777
ABS 35/36 A318,319,320,321
ABS 11/12 A300,310,330,340
FK 8/9 Fokker 28/100
DUG 188/189 DC9,MD80,MD90
DUG 201 / 202 DC10,MD11
BA 27/28 Beech King Air F90/100
AH-64 Royal Netherlands
BA 67/68 Beech Premier
BA 69/70 Beach Premier #2
DH 13/14 De Havilland Dash-8
SAA 1/2 SAAB 340

The heating blanket come in different sizes to fit a variety of windows , 110V or 220V F-style (European) plugs, and has a built in controller and heats up to 150F/65C.