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Product Type: Hump Seal Kits
Vendor: PPG - Transparencies

Airbus Hump Seal Kits are essential components designed to maintain the integrity and efficiency of aircraft fuel systems. These kits consist of specialized seals and related components specifically engineered to seal the hump area of the aircraft's wing fuel tanks. By effectively sealing this critical area, Airbus Hump Seal Kits help prevent fuel leakage and ensure optimal performance and safety during flight operations. These kits are meticulously crafted to meet stringent aviation standards and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and durability in various operating conditions. With their precision engineering and high-quality construction, Airbus Hump Seal Kits play a vital role in enhancing the overall safety and performance of Airbus aircraft, providing peace of mind to both passengers and crew.

Hump seal repair kits have been created for windshields on specific aircraft. PPG has assembled everything needed to complete a repair on an installed windshield, including polysulfide sealant, a moisture seal forming tool designed for that windshield, adhesion promoter, tape, razor blades and gloves. The kits come in easy-to-carry boxes so repairs can be made overnight on the line or during a minor maintenance check in the hangar.