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SKU: DSS5101
Product Type: Heater Blankets
Vendor: PPG - Transparencies

It is recommended to use heating blankets that covers the area of window after surface seal application. When applied for recommended 8 hours after surface seal application, it will enhance service life of the rain repellant coating.

Mylar bags are recommended when using heating blankets to prevent scratches on the window surfaces.

This heater blanket is designed for the following aircrafts:

PPG P/N Aircraft PPG P/N Aircraft
CES 61/62 Cessna Citation CES 67/68 Cessna Mustang
CES 63/64 Cessna Citation Sides CES 83/84 Cessna Latitude
EMB 3/4 Embraer 120,135,145 Legacy 600 CES 85/86 (S) Cessna Latitude Sides
GUA 11/12 Gulfstream GIII-GVI CES 87/88 Cessna Denali
GR 22 Grumman GI-GII DAS 23/24 Dassault Falcon 6x Sides
EMB 25/26 Embraer 450/500 MER 1/2 (S) Merlin Metro
158700 Bombardier Challenger PIP 19 (S) Piper Meridian
178500 Bombardier GX PIP 35 (S) Piper Jet
CDR 5/6 Bombardier CRJ SWR 27/28 Swearingen SJ30
CDR 15/16 Bombardier Challenger 300 IAI 5/6 G200/250/280
CES 69/70 Cessna CJ4 EMB 15/16 Embraer Lineage
EMB 21/22 Embraer Phenom MHI 5/6 Hawker 400 Beech jet
Pilatus PC-24

The heating blanket come in different sizes to fit a variety of windows , 110V or 220V F-style (European) plugs, and has a built in controller and heats up to 150F/65C.