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SKU: CDR000531S
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Product Type: Aircraft Window
Vendor: PPG - Transparencies
PPG Aerospace is a leading and experienced manufacturer of original-equipment and replacement windshields, side cockpit windows, passenger-cabin windows and landing-light lenses for Bombardier Aerospace CRJ regional jets. PPG Aerospace has been the single source of cockpit windows to Bombardier Aerospace and worldwide operators of the CRJ fleet since the first aircraft was delivered.
PPG’s continuous improvement of the windshields and side cockpit windows has provided the industry with transparencies that are among the longest performing and most reliable. The all-glass design is based on HERCULITE® II chemically strengthened glass, which has been proven in field service for commercial, regional and general aviation aircraft. The high strength-to-weight ratio and optical clarity of the design meet the challenging operating envelope for the CRJ series of aircraft.
In addition to supplying transparencies with demonstrated performance and reliability, PPG Aerospace helps operators lower their transparency maintenance costs and increase their on-aircraft performance through engineering services including operator training and fleet data analysis. These custom designed programs enable operators to maximize the value of PPG cockpit windows for the CRJ series of aircraft.