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SKU: BAC008737
Customer Part#: 5-89354-3149 OEM
Product Type: Aircraft Window
Vendor: PPG - Transparencies
PPG's aerospace business is a leading and experienced source of original-equipment and replacement windshields and side cockpit windows for airplanes produced by The Boeing Company.
The main windshield for Next-Generation 737 airplanes has been redesigned to accommodate airframe changes, and PPG is the sole source for production and aftermarket parts. The new-design windshield fits Next-Generation 737 airplanes delivered after mid-September 2010, with line number 3400 and higher, and pre-line number 3400 aircraft that have incorporated Boeing Service Bulletin 737-53-1295. PPG also produces the main windshield for Classic 737 and Next-Generation 737 airplanes delivered before mid-September 2010, with line number 3399 and lower.
PPG has supported the redesign effort of the No. 2 sliding cockpit window for Next-Generation 737 and Classic 737 airplanes by developing enhanced full-coverage heating and incorporating an improved and wider metal insertstructure. The new configuration provides terminating action for FAA Airworthiness Directive AD 2008-09-15 for Classic 737 airplanes and AD 2008-11-08 for Next-Generation 737 airplanes.